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DJ Yung Vamp

Objective: 30 000$

Sold streaming royalties: 45%

Launch date: 18/06/2022

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Communities can empower and support their chosen artists by investing in their music albums. Supporters gain access to exclusive content, events, and a part of the revenue generated by music streaming.

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Get a part of the album's revenue

For each investment you make, you are rewarded with a part of the revenue that these albums will generate on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tik Tok.

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We believe that artists deserve better


Artists deserve to be independant

Thanks to Power, artists finally have a way to stay 100% independent and jump-start their careers without having to deal with major record companies.


Artists deserve a strong community

Power allows artists to strengthen the connection with their community, which becomes directly involved in their success.

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Artists sell their royalties

Artists sell their royalties

Artists use Power to sell a part of their streaming royalty of an album.

Music investors buy

Music investors buy

Supporters can buy streaming royalties from their artists. It helps artists make amazing projects.

Both benefit

Both benefit

Artists can finance their projects and supporters get a part of the streaming revenue generated by the album each 3 months.


What is Power?

Power is a platform allowing anyone to buy a % of music streaming royalties.
It benefits boths:
- Artists who no longer rely on major record label to access funding and can stay independent.
- Music investors/Fans who receive passive incomes from their streaming royalties while supporting artists.

How does it work?

When I buy an artist token, what do I get?

How do I receive my streaming royalties?

I don’t own cryptocurrencies, can I purchase a token?